From Niche Player to Industry Thought Leader


The leader in a growing industry, call intelligence, Invoca helps the modern marketer optimize for the most important step in the customer journey: the phone call. Phone calls are a crucial part of the omnichannel customer journey — the rise of mobile means that people are using their smartphones not just to click, but to call businesses to the tune of 100 billion times every year. But still, many marketers overlook this part of the customer journey. Invoca needed to educate marketers about the value of call intelligence, as most didn’t realize they had a problem. The company enlisted Mission North to raise awareness about the growing importance of the phone call as a significant revenue driver, and position itself as a leader in marketing innovation.


While most marketers were ignoring phone calls, major technology players like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Google were investing in voice innovations. Mission North leveraged announcements by these respected tech companies to validate the channel as one every marketer should prioritize. When releasing corporate growth numbers and product announcements, we connected the company’s news to Google’s new ability to track calls from search ads and Twitter’s new click-to-call feature. Invoca’s announcements became important pieces of a larger industry trend.

Additionally, Mission North put our story-centric approach to work for Invoca, facilitating a series of structured, interactive exercises to identify trends and issues that would anchor Invoca’s earned media and thought leadership efforts. The process generated a diverse mix of compelling abstracts brought to life as contributed articles, media pitches, speaking submissions and custom research. These storylines enabled executives to speak more broadly on marketing and technology trends, including the new marketing stack, programmatic advertising and artificial intelligence.


By connecting Invoca’s focused efforts with broader industry trends, the PR program drove a groundswell of media coverage around call intelligence, positioning Invoca as the leader in this newly recognized category, and a major player in marketing technology alongside industry giants like Facebook and Google. The results included a mix of more than 30 high-profile contributed articles, two custom research studies, and dozens of feature stories and mentions in publications including TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Fortune, Forbes and AdWeek. The company also attributes much of its significant organic web lead growth to media-driven interest.

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