Repositioning for a New Market Opportunity


As leaders in digital customer engagement, Airship is confident that mobile wallets are a major path forward for brands, not a passing fad. Mobile wallets digitize the traditional wallet with coupons, rewards, loyalty cards, discounts, boarding passes, payments, and present a new channel for brands to connect with customers on the devices they use most without requiring them to download a standalone app.

The challenge was that there was broad misunderstanding about both Airship’s offerings and mobile wallets, their actual adoption and, crucially, their potential. Media had primarily perceived Airship as a push notification company but in reality their products, including mobile wallet, email and customer intelligence solutions, go far beyond notifications. Additionally, media coverage of mobile wallets primarily focused on the payment aspect of wallets.

Airship turned to Mission North to help ignite a new conversation around the non-payment aspects of mobile wallets, its impact on the customer experience and, ultimately, on brands’ bottom line. Our goal was to convey the promise of mobile wallets and illustrate their value for consumers and brands.


Airship was updating and relaunching its mobile wallet product. The mobile marketing space is crowded, and, although the technology story behind mobile wallet is important, we needed to stand out. Airship commissioned mobile wallet research to take a pulse of consumer sentiment around mobile wallets.

Mission North leveraged Airship’s (formerly Urban Airship) research “The State of Mobile Wallet Marketing Report” to show that consumers want more opportunities to use mobile wallets and that brands should start with easy access to real-time information, loyalty cards, sales offers and coupons. Airship sliced the data by age and income bracket which revealed that mobile wallets are particularly popular among two important segments: millennials and high-income shoppers. Consumers want more opportunities to use mobile wallets, and increasingly these non-payment experiences have the potential to drive adoption for mobile payments themselves. We now had an original and compelling mobile wallet story.

To showcase the significance of this research, Mission North combined the mobile wallet survey findings, product re-launch, and customer stories to emphasize the innovative ways brands are using mobile wallets. We targeted top-tier technology, developer, marketing and retail publications, customizing distinct storylines for each. Mission North shifted the conversation among media from a negative mobile wallets story about low mobile payment adoption to one about how mobile wallets are essential to the future of mobile.

A sampling of media results includes:


The integrated campaign definitively positioned Airship as an innovative product company and thought leader building the future of digital customer engagement, far greater than mobile messaging, its best-known product. The conversation around mobile marketing has shifted from app fatigue to brands adopting the right mobile products to connect with customers on multiple levels. Mobile wallets are central to this story, and Airship is recognized as the leading service provider. Crucially, the company is now known for its suite of offerings fueling digital growth for companies around the world.

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