With Data and a Bold Point of View, Narvar Envisions the Future of Commerce

The retail industry has never been more dynamic, with a renaissance of thriving brands on the one hand and apocalyptic store closures on the other. Today’s most beloved retailers inspire fierce loyalty beyond discounts and points programs—they understand what their customers want and need, then give them exactly that. Narvar, an intelligent customer experience platform, is helping the world’s leading brands build this kind of loyalty while making life easier for everyday consumers.

When Mission North started working with Narvar in 2015, discussions about the future of retail were heating up. Amazon had just exceeded Walmart’s market cap and RadioShack had declared bankruptcy for the first time. Narvar was the leader of an emerging category—post-purchase customer experience—that had yet to earn broad awareness. Our biggest goal was to educate the market about the new “moment of truth” after an online sale.

We knew we needed to focus on thought leadership. Fortunately, we had the executive to do it: CEO Amit Sharma, an industry veteran who led teams at Walmart and Apple before founding Narvar. We designed opportunities for Amit to explain the post-purchase opportunity to retailers, including multiple op-eds in Harvard Business Review and feature stories in the likes of WWD. At the same time, we inserted Narvar’s point of view into coverage of industry news by connecting Amit with the top retail and logistics reporters. His commentary on news like Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods appeared in publications including The Wall Street Journal, AP, CNBC, Quartz and USA Today

Data played a complementary role in our strategy, helping to establish Narvar as an expert in consumer shopping behavior and the post-purchase customer experience. Over four years, Mission North teamed up with Narvar on six data campaigns revealing shoppers’ attitudes toward retail interactions and drivers of brand loyalty. By combining new consumer insights with expert advice for retailers, we created powerful media and marketing assets that continue to drive leads. The data is cited in 150 pieces and counting, with highlights including Bloomberg, The Washington Post, MarketWatch, Adweek, and CBS broadcast. 

As Narvar’s business has grown beyond the post-purchase category, so has our storytelling approach. We’ve focused our content and thought leadership program on high-level commerce trends—for example, the future of in-store experiences (in Fast Company) and the connection between e-commerce and physical retail (in Ad Age and Axios). With this groundwork in place, Narvar expanded its products and services. In April 2019 we announced Concierge, a set of solutions launched with Walgreens, through an exclusive story in The Wall Street Journal

Bold perspectives and data-driven content have been key to elevating Narvar’s profile from a niche category leader to an industry player. In the past year, Narvar earned spots on Fast Company’s Most Innovative list and the Web Summit stage while growing its client roster to more than 600 leading brands, raising $30 million in funding and expanding into Europe with the acquisition of Kronos Care. The retail conversation shows no sign of slowing down, and neither does Narvar. 

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