Mission North’s Commitment to Diversity, Belonging and Equity

The new Mission North brand gave us a great opportunity to revisit and revitalize the values that guide us. When you work here or partner with us, you will hear about our commitments and our all-in attitude. We thrive on collaboration and support, which we believe impacts our team positively in both their professional and personal lives, but also resonates with our client partners and the work we do for them.

In addition to our dedicated support for our team, we also strive to bring our best selves to work every day and hire people who are similarly motivated. 

Living up to our values requires that we actively advance equity within our organization, through our work and in our communities. It requires sustained focus and action — as a company and as individuals, starting with our most senior leadership and extending to every person at Mission North. 

We are committed to hiring, recruiting and retaining teams that represent all backgrounds across all of our roles. And so, in addition to our company values, we uphold these commitments to increase diversity, belonging and equity in the field of marketing and communications and Mission North. The work is hard and always evolving, but we’re dedicated to this work and strive to live by this set of commitments:

  1. Hiring, recruiting and retaining a diverse team; increasing the representation of people of color, and particularly Black and Latinx team members, across roles. 
  2. Fostering a culture of  belonging that welcomes individuality and celebrates diverse abilities and perspectives.
  3. Evolving our policies and practices through the lens of equity, including annual reviews of compensation, benefits, promotions and performance assessments.
  4. Encouraging supportive conversation and community through employee resource groups and other spaces where employees feel safe and heard. 
  5. Partnering with companies and people who represent the diversity of our broader population.
  6. Investing time and resources in causes dedicated to equity and social justice through our e3thos program’s grants, pro bono services and paid volunteerism.
  7. Activating our networks to challenge bias, discrimination and systemic racism. 
  8. Holding ourselves accountable by tracking and regularly reporting our progress.
  9. Listening, learning and progressing by constantly seeking and acting on feedback.

If you want to do your best at a place you love, we’re hiring and we’d love to meet you.