Communications in a New Media Landscape: Our Philosophy at Mission North

The media landscape has changed. Today, earned media is as scarce as people’s attention — more screens, devices, channels and content make it challenging to win audiences over and earn their trust.  

Amid all of this change, brands still need to tell a clear, compelling story and prioritize their audience above all else. For more than 15 years, our team has helped world-changing companies reach their audiences. We have never felt more confident in our ability to capture attention, define new markets and ignite change. 

Our role is to communicate visionary work from the brightest minds in science and technology through integrated media and influencer relations, content creation and distribution, paid media, social strategy, and design. Our superpower is that we deeply understand our clients’ industries and audiences. As a result, we can make an impact that outlasts any single campaign. 

By building relationships between brands, movements and people, we help scale businesses and shape industries. We always aim to positively influence our clients’ businesses, their industries and the world at large. We obsess over results and are laser-focused on how they track to our clients’ goals. 

Now, as we rebrand to Mission North, we are expanding our approach to reflect our evolution. Our product philosophy centers around four proven operating principles: 


Breaking through to people takes a deep understanding of who they are and the best ways to activate them. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses, beliefs, values and core audiences. Then we dig into what those audiences care about so we can reach them with the information they’re hungry for. 




We believe in the power of stories to shape minds and markets. Industry veterans from the likes of The Associated Press, NBC, Reuters, Fast Company and IDG lend inside perspective, subject matter expertise and mastery of the art of the story to our work. We know that stories resonate most when they live in multiple forms, so we’ve expanded our team with content marketers, designers, videographers, social and paid media pros.




Audience and strategy dictate the channels we leverage — not the other way around. We design campaigns that embody our clients’ ethos and goals, extending their stories, perspectives and content in the right formats across the right mix of channels to get there.




We experiment and iterate to find the right combination of PR, content, digital marketing and social strategies. We analyze the results and refine our approach until we’ve captured an audience’s attention and inspired them to act in a way that drives change and business impact.

So, what does this philosophy look like in action?

Media and content continue to be our bread and butter. We are layering in additional methods to inform and scale those efforts, and expanding our offerings based on the most significant needs and frequent requests from our clients. These products and services focus primarily on content strategy and content marketing, social rapid response, paid media, influencer engagement, media training, and design.

We are also formally launching two new centers of excellence: 

    • Speakers Bureau: Through an engagement with one of the world’s most prominent technology brands and years of placing speakers at thousands of events, our team has cultivated relationships and best practices for securing presentation opportunities that drive meaningful business outcomes. We’ve fine-tuned our playbook, adding presentation training, on-site facilitation, social and digital programming, and panel-specific media training for clients that want to take advantage of these incredible moments.   
    • Data Storytelling and Insights: We’ve formalized a program around our experience producing hundreds of custom research projects for clients over the past decade. Our offerings include survey design, survey fielding, audience research and insights, data mining, and distribution to key audiences. Our data team has developed an incredible eye for how to best leverage data-driven insights to help clients make smarter decisions and influence their audiences. 

As we enter our next phase of growth, we’re excited about introducing new ways of helping our clients make an impact. We still get out of bed every morning energized to help our clients achieve their ambitious goals; we are just evolving how we meet them. Stay tuned for more!