Happy Holidays from Mission North: A Look Back and Celebration of 2021

Here is our last newsletter of 2021 which we sent to clients, friends and family. We wanted to share this content, including the amazing video, with you as we celebrate all the client, team and personal successes of the past year.

To our Mission North clients and friends,

Thank you for being incredible partners during yet another challenging year. We are so proud of the impact we’ve made together, and we are so grateful for your trust along the way. Click the link above to see just some of what we’ve accomplished together this year.

Once again, in lieu of holiday gifts, this year we donated to several nonprofit organizations that are tackling critical education and social justice issues in our local communities and country.

Our e3thos donations total to $70,000 and our probono work for Kiva and Technovation amount to $108,250. 

We’ve selected the following organizations to support on behalf of all of you.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and very happy and healthy New Year!

To our Mission North team:

We know this year hasn’t been easy, but we are so thankful for the passion, dedication and grit that you continuously brought this year. You make this agency so special though your thoughtfulness, your hard work and your smiles. 

This year, we celebrated not just incredible work, but also weddings, babies, roadtrips, pets and accomplishments like hiking a mountain and throwing the perfect clay pot.

We’re excited for all of you to recharge and celebrate the close of the year. More than anything, we wish you all a safe holiday season. We can’t wait to see you next year.